Unstoppable Mini-Musical Song Kit (with Backing Tracks)

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Unstoppable is a new Mini-Musical Song Kit for grades 3-8 that features a great, flexible script, digital sheet music for four original  songs, and four digital backing tracks by Give your students a chance to be actors without all the work of a big musical.  Speaking parts are very flexible so you can adapt all the lines to your teaching situation.  Unstoppable begins with your students sharing facts about famous people who didn’t let failure stop them from reaching their goals.  Then we meet Sam (a boy or girl) who wants to make the basketball team.  This section of the script can be easily pantomimed  or acted by your students while the story is described by your narrators.  

No costumes, props. or sets are necessary, but feel free to add a anything that enhances your students’ experience.  Don’t forget to add choreography and give your kids solo opportunities! 🙂 . And… DON’T FORGET TO SHARE  PICTURES OF YOUR REHEARSALS OR  PERFORMANCE ON MY BLOG!

My Chance to Shine vocal demo clip (finale song). Consider using glow sticks, glow paint, etc. for this fantastic finale!

For Unison/Two Part Voices OR Three-Part Mixed Voices.  Perfect for Grades 3-8. Narrow, singable ranges (usually Bb3 to C4 for for melody parts; G3 to D4 for boys)

Unstoppable script clips

Vocal Demos

Introductory Price $85.00 (Regular price $135) 

Includes the digital sheet music to songs Try,  Nothing’s Gonna Stop Me!, Fearless, My Chance to Shine, digital backing tracks, and the digital Unstoppable script. 

Important:  When purchased, this kit comes with  the downloadable digital script, PDF unison/two-part vocal parts for the four songs, and digital  backing tracks for the four songs.  If you need full scores with piano accompaniment and/or desire three-part mixed voicings of the songs,  please email, I will email you the links immediately. 🙂   Thanks!



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