The Snowman Blues for Unison/Two-Part Voices (with Backing Track)



Delight your students and audience with The Snowman Blues.  The perfect vehicle to teach 12 bar blues, The Snowman Blues will also inspire your young Elvis impersonators to get their blues attitude on!


Be sure to use the digital backing track (INCLUDED) to enhance your performance.  Add some easy moves, feature a (hammy 🙂 ) soloist, add some simple props or costuming, or whatever makes it fun!

The Snowman Blues Vocal Demo Clip


The Snowman Blues Backing Track

The Snowman Blues tells the saga of a snowman terrified of the sunny day he is experiencing.  Pleading, “I really, really need the cold,” he says, “How can I look cool if I’m all slushy?”

Cost: $40.00 Digital Sheet Music (print as many copies as you need for your students in one school) and Backing Track

Vocal range: Melody (Part II) D4 to B4; Part I D4 to D5 (Optional E5)

Suitable for grades 2-8 and up



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