The No Snow Blues for Unison/Two-Part Voices (with Backing Track)



After realizing that kids in warm climates don’t really sing much about winter activities like snowball fights, sledding, and building a snowman, The No Snow Blues was born.  (If you live where there is snow, take a look at The Snowman Blues here on  Same tune, different words).

Effective in either unison or two-part, The No Snow Blues can be performed with the digital Backing Track (sold separately) or with piano accompaniment.   A great way to introduce 12-bar blues and reinforce form to elementary/middle school students,  your kids will have fun with this catchy, bluesy song.  Take advantage of the opportunity to feature a soloist.   Add some easy choreography for a super-fun addition to your winter performance.  Very easy to learn,  your students will know this very quickly!

“I want to build a snowman and I’ve got the blues.  I watch the TV shows and the snow’s so pretty.  I want to wear a coat and boots and look so cool, but how can I look cool if I’m all sweaty?”

“…Where I live it never gets too cold. I wear shorts and flip-flops all year long.  The sun is always shining and there’s no chance of snow.  I’d better book a ticket to the freezing North Pole!”

Vocal range:  Part I (melody and harmony) D4 to F5; Part II (Melody) range is D4 to Bb4.

Note:  To sing this song in unison, sing only Part II.

Suitable for grades 2-8 and up.

Cost: $40.00 Digital Sheet Music (print as many copies as you need for your students in one school) and Digital Backing Track





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