Forever Grateful for Unison/Two-Part with Backing Track



Forever Grateful  Solo Vocal Clip

Forever Grateful Orchestrated Backing Track Clip

Inspire your students and audiences with Forever Grateful (A Song for Our Veterans).   Forever Grateful expresses heartfelt gratitude to our brave service members, past and present.   Easy to learn for Veterans’ Day or general concert programming, the Unison/2-Part version can be effective performed entirely unison OR in 2-part harmony with occasional easy three-part harmony.  The digital backing track (INCLUDED) is acoustic guitar.  The digital sheet music has piano accompaniment and chord symbols if you wish to perform with live accompaniment. Use Forever Grateful  year after year to honor our finest!

Forever Grateful Digital Sheet Music– Unison/2-Part Voices (with optional Part I Divisi).  Make as many copies as needed for your students in one school.  Also available in 3-Part Mixed and SATB.

Digital Sheet Music and Digital Backing Track Cost: $40.00

Recommended for Grades 3-Adult

Key of Bb (FYI…Included are Vocal Demos  in Bb and in G, which was the original key).  

Soprano Range (Part I) is Bb4 to D6. Alto Range (Part II) is Bb4 toC5











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