The Snowman Blues (Unison/Two-Part Voices)

The Snowman Blues (click to watch video)

The Snowman Blues for Unison/Two-Part Voices.  The perfect vehicle to introduce 12 Bar Blues to your students, The Snowman Blues will inspire also your Elvis impersonators to get their blues attitude on.

The Snowman Blues tell the saga of a terrified snowman who is experiencing a sunny day.  Worried he will not look cool if “he’s all slushy,” he pleads, “I really, really need the cold!” Be sure to use the backing track (sold separately) to enhance your performance 🙂

The Snowman Blues demo

Vocal Range: D4 to D5 (Unison Version)

Vocal Range for Two-Part Version:  Part I is D4-D5 (optional E5) and Part II is D4 to B4

Suitable for Grades K-8

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Winter is closer than you think!


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Looking for fun winter songs for your elementary music classes or upcoming concerts?  Check out  “The Snowman Blues.”

If you live in a warm climate (like me!), take a look at “The No-Snow Blues”  set to the same music as “The Snowman Blues”).

“Out in the Snow” is lots of fun; we know how much kids LOVE to play in the snow!

Out in the Snow

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For those of you who live in warm climates 🙂

The No-Snow Blues

Veterans’ Day Songs for Three-Part Mixed Voices

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